the premier cloth diaper service for Rhode Island has closed its service as of 12/31/22 thanks for 10 years!

Quality & care

Our cloth diaper service is local, our impact is global.

Over several years of expertise, knowledge and experience cloth diapering little ones, starting with our very own, our commitment remains on quality and care. We are industry members and partners within the cloth diapering community, offering not only service options, but opportunities for home washing workshops, meetings for buy/sell/trade, and local support through community engagement and new parent relationships to build. 

Since 2013 Mama Blu Diaper Service diverted over 75,000 single use diapers from the landfill. Thank you for continuing environmental conscious and keeping it CLOTH!

What makes our service the BEST:  No batch washing. Your diapers are exclusively washed with no OTHER service family.

We are the premier cloth diaper service for Rhode Island located in Providence offering the best cloth diapers for our families. Our cloth diapers are organic (natural cotton) and biodegradable at the end of their "lifespan." We provide thorough environmentally conscious cleansing to our families diapers and cloth diaper covers. Our cloth diaper service in Providence is one the local social enterprises that has a primary focus on community environmental health and wellness.

clean & natural