the premier cloth diaper service for Rhode Island has closed its service as of 12/31/22 thanks for 10 years!

How does pick-up and drop-off work?
Every Sunday I pick up your diapers and replace with your clean diapers (first week you receive 70, second week 70 for the total 140)

Do we need to clean the cloth at all before we put them in the diaper pail? 

No, please do not clean my diapers. Once solid are started at 6 months, flush the solids down the toilet.

What is a good amount of covers? Maybe 7-10 covers are good?

 Yes, 7-10 covers are good or 4-5 wool covers. Yes, you wash these yourselves because waiting a week for your covers is too long. We do wash cloth wipes for no additional cost.

Do we need to rent the diaper pail from you?
No, the diaper pail rental comes with service. You do need to purchase the pail liner bags that go inside. I have discounted ones for sale from previous owners for $6. Generally 2 is a good number to have

Can we add you to our registry somehow?

Unfortunately, I have not received payments through 3rd party registry sites. I can set you up a registry page, but the 12 week minimum still must be met even if the family doesn't receive the full 12 weeks on their registry. I caution people because gift service is non-refundable. This means if you only receive 4 out of the 8 weeks, you are still obligated to pay the remaining 8 weeks in order to begin service.

Can we pick up for the service location if we are not within your service area? Is there another location for us to pick up and drop off?

No, unfortunately, pick up and delivery on-site is not provided. We have attempted to work with locations in the past, but we could not establish a suitable arrangement. 

What if I no longer continue service? 
If it is a gift service, it is non-refundable. Depending on how many weeks left, customer generally donate their diapers into a "pay it forward" pool to another client. There is restocking early termination fee within the contract minus that payment will be refunded depending on the reason for termination. T
he first 4 weeks are non-refundable. We highly recommend NOT signing up for service, if you are just wanting to "try it out."

What do you use to clean the diapers?

A mixture of detergents (soap company) commercial grade level with neutralizers and Ph testing kit.

What if I only want to do it part-time or half of the full service diapers?

 Yes, we can accommodate, but the price does not change. We do not do tier level pricing, it would be logistically to difficult to track and maintain. 

Do you deliver to daycares?
No, but you can use your diaper service diapers to bring to the daycare. There are no state daycare regulations in Rhode Island preventing the use of cloth diapers in daycare facilities. Personally, worked with DCYF for the new childcare center regulation changes for cloth diapers, so if the childcare policy prohibits daycare - find another daycare. They have an option to change there a bunch of great daycare centers willing to accommodate your family's choice.

What is the rate for  multiples?
It is regular cost for one child and a 30% discount for the second sibling, but will receive the full set of diapers for a total of 280 diapers. We recommend the diaper service size pail liners due to the quantity size.

What if I have extra questions?

Most questions can be found within your service contract, which you receive after payment has been received. I am always a text/email/call away for families to reach me (if I am not attending a birth).