Quatia "Q" Osorio CCHW, CLC, CPE, Doula
Owner of Mama Blu Diaper Service
 She is a Bryant University graduate, certified (perinatal) community health worker, certified lactation counselor, certified community birth and postpartum doula , certified perinatal educator and attending classes to become a Midwife.

A regular schedule for  "Q" is running support groups,  teaching classes, attending community meetings, hosting community wellness workshops and being an active community advocate with Our Journ3i, for infant and maternal health disparities and equity, in between running her social enterprise.

Outside of community involvement spends her time with her husband and five children. She sees herself as an avid reader, DIY enthusiast,  novice urban gardener and farmer's market observer. She owns a small "Quaintly" Farm in her community to help support local urban community farm stands.

consider cloth.

Support Local
Choosing Mama Blu Diaper Service, you help to provide local economical growth and support small business

the premier cloth diaper service for Rhode Island

Our mission is to promote awareness and education around the sustainability, cost effectiveness and health benefits of cloth diapering within your community.

We hope to inspire others to consider an alternative diapering solution. Our service provides the opportunity for people who wouldn't otherwise choose cloth diapering as option due to variety of reasons.

Whether you want us to work for you or help provide enhancing services to your current routine, we can help! Knowledge through several years of experience, collective industry training, tried and tested formulations for accuracy in pH balancing and environmentally conscious cleaning agents. Recently, certified by the Dept. of Environmental Management for Green Certification for Non-Hospitality Business.

Please see our services page for more information.

Environmental Impact
Running a business is not easy. With Mama Blu Diaper Service, being a social enterprise making environmental impact changes,   makes it even more difficult. We each have a responsibility to our home on Earth, by providing natural environmentally conscious products we leave our planet healthier for our future children.  We seek to provide an environmental solution to common landfill challenges

Our Goal
We are the premier cloth diaper service for Rhode Island offering the best cloth diapers for our families. The cloth diapers we provide are organic (natural cotton) and biodegradable at the end of their "lifespan." We provide thorough environmentally conscious cleansing to our families diapers and cloth diaper covers.